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A Message from Dr. B.


If someone had told me 61 years ago, just as I started into chiropractic, that way off in the next century I would be able to communicate with people worldwide via an invisible "information web", into which we could all connect without physically meeting in person, I would have found that very difficult to comprehend. Had they added that one day, I would find such a web to be the ideal means for communicating the fruits of my life’s work to others whom I may never meet; - again I would have struggled with the concept.  

Back then, for the majority of us, “TV” represented advanced technology, and accumulated “knowledge and wisdom” lived between the pages of expensive encyclopedias.  

At that time it was unusual to see the inner workings of a human body, and even more so of a “living” human body. Fortunately, I was afforded a unique opportunity to do just that. Unfortunately these opportunities came through my experiences of surgical procedures in the M.A.S.H. hospitals during World War ll.   While many memories of those traumatic times are deeply distressing, they did afford me a unique “inner view” of the living body.

Those experiences have truly informed my “in-sight” into how dynamic this body really is and in time came to play a formative role in everything I learned and subsequently did as a chiropractor.   Although those capable surgeons brought all their skills and techniques to the aid of ailing and damaged physical bodies, it was the patients themselves who chose each subsequent breathe on the road back to wellness and life.

Sometimes, as I work at the energy level, I still feel like that young soldier, realizing yet again the energetic “might” of a living body. We are truly exceptional beings.   Now, over 60 years on, knowledge is no longer the preserve of the chosen few, but rather made freely available to us all via the net. I am so grateful to have this technology available to me. It is extremely well suited as a forum for the work we do at Tesseract8.   Via this site we invite you to experience this energy balancing course. Through it, we can work on an individual basis with each participant who in turn, can fully take part without ever leaving home.
Whether or not you are a fellow chiropractor, I hope you enjoy this site. Please read my articles outlining my current understanding of the “energy anatomy”, and how important it is to recognise the non physical dynamics within each of us.  
Over the years, many people have asked me "How can I help myself restore and maintain inner energy balance?
"use the resouces of this site"..... is my answer!

C. A. Bludworth D. C., D.I.C.S.