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March 2009
Hi Dr. B. & Cora

Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how things are going.
First up, …I’m loving it. I’m traveling a bit lately, but have the comfort of my cocoon no matter where my journey takes me. I can’t believe how great it feels to just sink into those wonderful “sounds” every day and just let them do their thing!

Knowing that it’s all based on my own readings makes it even more personal. As you know I’m on my third Acoustic Cocoon now, and am amazed at how different this is from the last…..guess I shouldn’t be as I’m moving on.
Hello to the team…and again…thanks for all the great work.
Will be in touch soon

D. D. Mullen  
Adult male.  Age:35  

May 2008
Dear Dr. B.

You and I both know that all life and healing comes from God through his chosen doctors, nurses and healing ministries. You are all of these and I am thrilled and honoured to be your patient since 2004 when I came with a deteriorating back and general unfitness. I thought I was heading to a walker and worse.
You shaped me up and gave me a new lease on life by using your vast knowledge of the whole body and it’s workings plus this regime of using frequencies - my Acoustic Cocoon.
Since starting this course last year I have really put it to the test with a few injuries and an extraordinary amount of air and auto travel.
This Acoustic Cocoon seems to help me back on track by keeping me close to my own most balanced state.
We both give credit to God who gave you the talent and common sense intelligence and scientific know how to produce this frequency Acoustic Cocoon program.

Bill Reynolds
Adult male. Age: 80+

August 2008
Dear Dr. B. and Cora

It has taken me a little time to accept that frequencies can help me and that there are things I can do for myself. I don’t have a full understanding of how it all works, but it does.

As I listen to my Acoustic Cocoon, I find myself really concentrating on areas which are the most out of balance…as they improve one by one I move on until no more exist. On one occasion, my troublesome stomach became like a warm glow which radiated out over my chest,- soothing, comforting sensation. I have also experienced an improvement in my sleep patterns and disturbances. I find myself looking forward to my timeout with my cocoon and will not let anything get in the way. The benefits lead me to aspire to greater efforts in the future.

This must be a great relief to Dr. B. to be able to see his work available to people throughout the world. I am so grateful to have this facility available to me, it brings great peace of mind and I think it will do so to all who are open to receive it.

With sincere gratitude to the team at Tesseract8 who work to achieve this aim.

Anne Blake
Adult female. Age: 50+

Hi Team at Tesseract8

I look forward with great anticipation to each ‘time out’ with my Acoustic Cocoon. It has given me a focal point for practicing meditation which I find infinitely valuable. I love that it’s all about me and my unique energy frequency in a universe which communicates through energy vibrations

Maree McNamara
Adult female.  Age: 40+

Dr. B. and Cora

I don’t really understand how it works but I know that I am a much happier person for having it. I feel I have a  unique place where I can go daily to re balance myself. I love the chance to close my eyes and blend with the sound that is me. My health has improved dramatically and I know Reson8 has instigated it all.

Don Maloney
Adult male.  Age: 40+

Dear Dr. B. and Cora

Since John started with his Acoustic Cocoon I have noticed an improvement in his concentration and attention span which have enabled him to focus on his reading and spelling activities. As a result of this, he has become much more confident in his own ability and is better able to tackle new situations.

His physical development and coordination have also shown a marked improvement. Also, he has also become more fluent in his speech, especially in sentence construction and is now more aware of what he is saying.
His speech and comprehension are steadily improving.

Thank you again for the great interest you take in John We always look forward to our next visit to Galway.

Kind regards

Clare O’Neill,  Mother of John
Age: 14

Dear Dr. Bludworth and Cora

The Reson8 programme has been fantastic for my overall well being and sense of self awareness. It’s a wonderful opportunity to focus on myself and to get in tune with the sound of my own energy resonance. The results are I feel great
Trevor  Durity
Adult male.  Age: 30+