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Why Audible Sounds & Why the Voice?


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Everything the body receives through the auditory pathway is essentially information coded in vibrations compatible with the range of the auditory sense. The process, by which transfer of subtle energy takes place, from the emitting source to the receiver, is resonance. Likewise every utterance or sound of any description put out by you is a communication, carried on a vibrational pathway. - again resonance.

 There are no boundaries between our inner and outer selves, only continuous communication.

The primary example of this constant and continuous communicative ebb and flow is our every breath. This ebb and flow is essentially a vibrational wave – carrying information in constant exchange.

 Your voice is one very important vehicle you use to communicate with others.  When others speak to you, it is with your hearing that you receive and process their words. The received energy brings with it all the characteristics of the source, on multiple levels (physical patterns, specific energy, feelings, inner states, information, ideas, etc).

 These are some of the reasons why we use audible sound in your Acoustic Cocoon. It also explains why we ask you for a recording of your voice.