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What is an Acoustic Cocoon?

Have you ever felt completely at home - in a protective, welcoming and utterly safe place? This is the state of mind evoked by this auditory experience we call your “Acoustic Cocoon”. Your Cocoon is created by the team at Tesseract8. The listening experience allows you to "reson8" with personalised balancing frequencies.

How it is created

Your voice carries energy information. Therefore you provide the impetus behind the creation of your “Acoustic Cocoon” as its creation is based on the energy information provided by you when you send us your voice sample. Using advanced technology (developed by us over the past 16 years working in this area), we extract information from your sample which guides us towards dynamic, energetically beneficial, frequencies.

This analytical process ultimately leads to a map or "blueprint" of your energy anatomy at the time of the recording. Once the blueprint is mapped, we customize an auditory experience for you, i.e. your "Acoustic Cocoon".

All enhancing and rejuvenating frequencies created are recorded in a particular sequence so that they evoke a relaxing atmosphere specific to your needs. When ready, we send this unique personalized "Acoustic Cocoon" to you. As you listen, know that ureson8 with the best that you can be.

As you relax into this audio experience, and allowing waves of audible sounds reson8 throughout, you effectively cocoon yourself in the welcoming embrace of soothing strengthening frequencies focused solely on your wellbeing and energy balance. In this way, you and the team at Tesseract8 co-create your unique Acoustic Cocoon.

Once you signup for a course module you will receive access to our international phone numbers. You choose the closest number to your location and leave a 40 second voicemail on our system. We will then have all of the information we need to create your first Acoustic Cocoon.

Please click here to see a course module timetable/schedule