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The Significance of 8

Just as the Tesseract is considered to be one of the most powerfully balancing geometric forms, and stimulates us to reach beyond 3-D into additional dimensions, “8” brings a multitude of cosmic global, and historic resonances.

tesseract, 4-D cube, fourth dimension8 is an integral part of a Tesseract. For example, the Tesseract is composed of 8 cubes, has 16 polytope vertices, 32 polytope edges, 24 squares, and can also be called “8-cell or octachoron”.

A quick scan through history tells us that the Egyptians for example, considered 8 as the numeral of “balance” and “cosmic” order. Similarly, in China, 8 is considered to express the totality of the universe. The 64 hexagrams of the I Ching are generated from a foundation of 8 Trigrams. Interestingly, modern geneticists, coming from an entirely different perspective have found that the DNA-RNA "dialogue" - the molecular information system governing life and evolution - is transmitted by 64 (8x8) codons. According to Lao Tzu, the 8th interval is "the sound of universal harmony between the forces of yin and yang." Chinese tradition talks of 8 Taoist “Immortals”, whilst the Incan tradition will tell of “The 8 Ancestors”.

Throughout many cultures there is a recurring resonance with 8. Indian Mandalas that are based on multiples of the number 8 represent the reflection of the celestial world on earth. 8 is (arguably) considered by some to be the total number of primary Chakras of the human, counting the seven in correlation with the physical body, plus one, working in the etheric body. This 8th Chakra is known as the "the Soul or Star Chakra" located 7 to 10 centimeters above that of the Crown Chakra. Many modalities consider 8 to represent "an octave higher".

Octaves and Harmonics

Pythagoras.jpgIn and about the time of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras (ca. 570 to ca. 490 BC), it became established that the central harmonics of a conventional musical scale (the octave, fifth and fourth), correspond to the whole number ratios 2 : 1, 3 : 2 and 4 : 3 respectively. The octave (Latin, = eighth, ratio 2:1) is therefore, an integral multiple of a fundamental, being the 1st overtone having a vibratory frequency which is twice that of the fundamental. 


piano_keyboard_and_intervals.jpgWe can “see” an octave on a modern piano keyboard, there being seven notes in the scale with the 8th - being the repeat of the first, - its 8ve. Interestingly this 8th note, the 8ve, has a dual role in that it is at one and the same time, the 1st overtone of the root note in a lower scale and also the 1st or root note in the next upper scale.

"Nowhere else in nature does one find a better aid for grasping the conception of corresponding orders on different levels of being than in the musical scale, which replicates itself every octave in a similarity that is yet not an identity"
Jocelyn Godwin “The Harmony of the Spheres”: a Sourcebook of the Pythagorean Tradition in Music.

For a more detailed insight into harmony we strongly recommend the following site. 

Science and Chemistry

Nikola_Tesla.jpgScientists will say that the numeral 8 (the octonary) is believed to be an agent of universal order as it combines the terrestrial square and eternal circle.

“Everything in the universe obeys a law of Octaves.” Nikola Tesla Croatian-American inventor and electrical engineer (1856-1943).







Dmitri Mendeléev’s Periodic Table of Elements, following on the discovery by English chemist John Newland in the 1860s, tells us that all the chemical elements fall into 8 families: Alkalis, Alkalines, Borons, Carbons, Nitrogens, Oxygens, Halogens, Noble Gases. 

oxygen.jpg8 is the Atomic number of oxygen, one of the most abundant chemical elements on Earth.

About one-half of the earth's crust is made up of chemical compounds containing oxygen, and a fifth of our atmosphere is oxygen gas.
The human body is about two-thirds oxygen!
It is an interesting resonance that as 8 is the first cubic number; it is said to represent the “volume” of the earth.


Infinity.jpgWhen placed on its side, 8 becomes the mathematical symbol of “Infinity” and is called a lemniscate. In turn, infinity can come to symbolize the constant flow of energy, perpetual motion, the continuance of life. 


caduceus.jpgIn medicine, 8 may also be related to the representation of the “caduceus” where two snakes form several figure eights as stability or balance of opposing forces.




As can be observed from this brief overview of the role “8” has played throughout time, we see that it is a very significant symbol.

It is written that symbols survive the test of time because they are a potent form of compact energy. They are in effect patterns which, as precursor to words, speak to, interact with, and are best comprehended by our unconscious. The potency of their vibration is able to act upon our essence.

Symbolically, for Christians 8 represents “resurrection”, for Buddhists, “completion”. To the Islamic 8 angels support the throne that encompasses the world, and for a Hindu, there are eight guardians of the universe. To the Egyptians 8 is the “Sacred number of Thoth”, and to the Gnostic it is the number of Jesus. The Chinese consider it a sign of Prosperity and 8 is the number of greatness in Japan.

Numerologically, 8 is the number of power, and it is taught in this context that power, in any form, cannot be maintained without “balance”.

“8” @Tesseract8


The references cited above are not for curiosity purposes, “8” resonates throughout many aspects of our work at Tesseract8. There is a numerological reference to the perception that 8 thrives on “truth”, in that it is deemed to produce reflections of ourselves. This concept, mirrors our process in which the Acoustic Cocoon is intended as an audio reflection, through which we at Tesseract8 assist the recipient in their quest to resonate back towards inner energy balance, - which is essentially inner truth. 
 As inner balance is restored, there is a lessening of energy depletion and dissipation. This in turn is an empowering thing. The “key” to this empowerment is “balance”. Just as an inherent balance or harmony exists throughout sound, though we can distort it for our entertainment and pleasure, we too must seek out the untempered “true” frequencies which are the foundations of our inner energetic core. It can be extremely difficult to do this, and assistance in this endeavor is the objective of an Acoustic Cocoon.

In the article “Tesseract explained” it becomes clear that multi-dimensions may exist. When we grasp the existence of a core energy anatomy, we essentially concur with Einstein when he stated:   

 On such things as matter we have all been wrong, what we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”  

If, as Einstein stated “matter is energy cloaked in a different form", then the “matter” of our physical anatomy is energy at a lower rate of vibration, i.e. the “cloaked form” of our energy anatomy. When we seek to dialogue with this core energy anatomy, we are attempting to establish a dialogue within ourselves that requires a richer language than words. The higher frequencies of our energy anatomy require us to find a higher order language with which to communicate.

As yet, the roadmaps to this vast, largely uncharted territory –the energy anatomy - are in a rudimentary state as the language through which they are plotted is vibratory and not linguistic. We have therefore to reach beyond the structured word into the essence of “sound” itself.

Sound is the bedrock of human communication woven since time immemorial into language and music. In his famous article "Music at Night", (1931) author Aldous Huxley wrote:
“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music”
Of course, “music” is essentially harnessed and organized sound. However, when music fails to “express the inexpressible”, we must delve deeper into the rudimentary building blocks of sound, into the frequencies and vibrations which create the waves.

This has been the direction of our work at Tesseract8, and it is no co-incidence that as we research deeper into more subtle energy levels we find ourselves working with 8 dimensions of the energy anatomy.  For this purpose we divide the Frequency Balancing course into 8 modules, as these eight dimensions are best analysed individually at first, - just as a musical composer will write for each instrument individually, - before integrating the orchestral work into a unified whole.

From the recipients view point, each module is of 8 weeks duration. During this time they will have their energies analysed 3 times and receive 3 Acoustic Cocoons. On completion of the entire course, their energies will have been evaluated 24 times, and they will have received 24 Acoustic Cocoons (a multiple of 8).


At this time, our work is focused on 8 energetic dimensions which refer to our energy anatomy and are vibratory in essence. These dimensions are not tangible within the confines of our 3-D perspective. Our quest has been to establish a link, - a language (not subject to 3-D restraints) through which we can dialogue with the subtle dimensions of the energy anatomy.

We have determined a relationship, - a resonance, - between the fundamentals of sound i.e. frequencies and the energy anatomy. This relationship constitutes the language we use both in the analysis of voice samples and the composition of each Acoustic Cocoon.

Because of the need to extend beyond 3-D, we choose the “Tesseract” and as a potent symbol of eternal motion, spirals, octaves, rhythms, vibrations, and integration - which resonates throughout our work, - we choose “8”.