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Tempered vs. Natural Sound

There is an aspect of conventional music which interests us at Tesseract8. This is the fact that since the development of the equal tempered scale, the western ear has learned harmony from sounds which have been manipulated and are therefore not natural. This manipulation is called “equal tempered tuning”.

With equal tempered tuning many notes are deliberately altered and modified, so as to facilitate:

a) The smooth transposition of musical works from one key to another.
b) The harmonious blend of many different instruments.

By tampering in this way with the natural sounds, - the notes are compromised, they are all “pitch shifted” to some degree. Over the centuries, these tempered sounds have become the basic “building blocks” of the vast majority of “harmonic music” heard by the western ear.

Comparison of Differences between Equal Temperament and Pure Harmonic

(dominant intervals shown in red)intervals_chart.jpg



Structured Music

There is an increasing trend toward the use of such music as a force for wellness. Much is made of the beneficial effects on the body of music composed within this tuning structure, and we would not seek to invalidate these claims. However, few, if any Baroque, Classical or Romantic etc, composers had “hemispheric synchronization”, or “stress reduction” or “chakra balancing” etc. in mind as they set about their compositions. Therefore, it should be born in mind that most of this music was composed for an entirely different purpose! This might seem like a trivial point to many, - but not to us.


We very firmly believe that the intent behind the composition is formative. In other words, the “intent” plays an "in-formation” impact on the composition. The effectiveness of the composition is in direct proportion to the intent behind its creation.

Therefore, we at Tesseract8 take the view that naturally occurring frequencies, unaltered by such tempering/tampering interventions, are more fundamental, penetrating and resonating throughout the body. In this regard, the frequencies we use are the formative intended vibrational influence in each creation. They are not to be found within the tempered scales.

Frequencies and Movement

Everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. Frequencies/vibrations are the bedrock of sound. Movement is a product of frequencies/vibrations. Movement is present in all living entities; therefore frequencies are present in all living entities. Vibrations and frequencies are energies that can change the vibrational rate of objects.


Form is created by underlying vibration. The nature of the form is a product of the stimulation provided by the frequencies, as the movement created by the frequencies entrains and resonates with those frequencies.


Everything is in motion, what seems to be solid, is actually a wave, created and organized by vibrations.



Resonance occurs when frequencies come into synchronization. Every part of our body has its own resonant frequency, including thoughts, organs, bones, tissue cells, etc.

When we are in a state of health, everything in our body vibrates in resonance or harmony.


Acoustic Cocoon

Each Acoustic Cocoon is created anew. It comes into creation on foot of information received from a client. This is information in the energy domain. The Acoustic Cocoon is an acoustic “frequency mirror” which reflects back to the client balancing un-tempered frequencies.

The intent behind their creation is reflected in the sincerity with which they are received. Each Cocoon is unique to its co-creator. For a predetermined duration it serves their energy needs as they travel their trail to balance and health. It is of no beneficial use to any other person.