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Resonance - ureson8

All waves are imbedded in other waves across all scales. What we perceive as particles or matter, is merely a density of waves. Waves are the ultimate phenomena responsible for motion and time, matter and space, and order and chaos, - whether exploring disciplines from medicine to astrophysics, ecology, biology and/or chemistry.

DARDIK PRINCIPLE “Superwaves is Matter, Space and Organization.” - San Francisco State University

Physicists no longer conceive matter as being passive, inert, or static, but as a quantum phenomenon - being in a continuous vibratory oscillation between particle and wave. In fact, all known phenomena, and forces of the universe have one common thread - they are all moving.

From the smallest atoms to the greatest galaxies, all can be said to be in a dynamic state of continuous movement characterized by “wave like” motion.

“He who understands deeply the Law of Resonance has found the core of all ways to approach all the dimensions of the Universe.”

These energetic and vibratory cosmic waves, (frequencies) which link and unite all diverse phenomena of the Universe will find resonance with any vibratory compatible processes, including the energy anatomy of the living body.

As these waves have as their basis the process of Resonance, nothing can move in one location without effecting movement in another. We are therefore inherently connected through this process of resonance, and can look upon all creation as an aggregate of vibratory phenomena, each having its own frequency.

Resonance is well known in mechanics, acoustics, and electromagnetism. All objects have a frequency or set of frequencies with which they naturally resonate. In electromagnetism, resonance occurs when the frequency of two systems (the receiving and the emitting) come into synchronization, i.e. they share identical characteristics (same wavelength). 

“All relations between phenomena are established only by means of various simple and complex resonances”. N. Tesla



Light waves, radio waves, ocean waves, gravitational waves, sonorous waves, mental waves, etc, all exist and manifest because somewhere, something is moving. Everything is movement, everything is vibration, and resonance is at the core of all that we are.

For our bodies to function and for us to associate with others and with our surroundings there must be resonance, balance, and harmony. Everything is connected, and these connections must always be taken into consideration when seeking to restore balance and wellness to the body.

Internally, every part of our body has its own resonant frequency, including thoughts, organs, bones, tissue cells, etc. Likewise resonance can be observed in the rhythmic beating of our heart, the ebb and flow of our Horary energies, our emotions, even our breath.

Consideration of these interconnected vibratory relationships will inform us at Tesseract8 as to the proper sequencing of beneficial frequencies in each reson8 Acoustic Cocoon. Wellbeing involves the movement towards balance. When we are in a state of health, everything in our body vibrates in resonance or harmony.

Vibrations produce sound, and sounds are frequencies. Acoustically, when a sonorous signal (sound) is produced close to the body, resonance will occur between the frequencies (heard) and the correspondent internal system.

This process of resonance will immediately produce stationary waves.

By applying these frequencies we evoke levels of sympathetic resonance, harmony, intention, and correspondence, which promote the restoration of balance and wellbeing across multiple dimensions. Working with the frequencies of each client helps us to create their Acoustic Cocoon which is focused on restoration of fundamental core energies.

As active listeners each participant creates harmony with the different levels of energy in our Universe, and becomes more aware of the vastness and power of the forces that influence them both on the physical and non-physical plains of existence.

“When we are attuned to the delicate vibrations of the universe, we are better able to resonate with our core essence or true self”