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How does my Acoustic Cocoon work?

The most important word here is “my”. When you send us your voice recording you set in train a sequence of processes all designed to facilitate ”you” regain and maintain “your” core energy balance. Because you provide the energy impetus behind your “Acoustic Cocoon” every sound you hear in it reflects back to you frequencies which are beneficial for you and only you.  When you begin the listening process, your expectation, your intent, your attitude, your commitment, all play critical roles, but none moreso than your expectation.

If your expectation is that somehow these frequencies will bring order balance and wellbeing to you’re fragmented inner self just as a “defragmentation” program does for a computer system, or that some health condition might improve, or a state of mind might change, or any such expectation, - then this course is not for you.

Yes, the desire to restore the energy fragments to their optimum place and function is a worthy goal, but only if it comes from within. The tools one needs for the restoration of balance and stability to the energy anatomy must be sourced, and applied from within.

Energy balance is synonymous with homeostasis.  (Homeostasis: a self-regulating process by which a system maintains stability while adjusting to changing conditions). Balance comes from within. External props and impetus may assist the process, but balance must be re-established and thereafter maintained from within.

brain_frequency.jpgIn our everyday activities, each of us make decisions - some conscious, some not - as to how and in what way, we will invest our energy. We also decide, on a moment to moment basis, which influences we will allow in and which we will reject. However, we can unknowingly be drawn towards destabilizing influences and yet deny their very existence. The myriad of ways you invest your energy in the course of your life is entirely a matter for you, and so also is the responsibility for your health and wellbeing. There are consequences for our decisions; they can have fleeting or lasting effect.

Each Acoustic Cocoon can only reflect the most balancing frequencies of those contained in your voice sample. As you listen you are at liberty to accept or reject them. By this we mean “reson8 with” or “work against”. You will notice many references to “Reson8” throughout this site, and we suggest you read carefully the article on resonance as it is at the heart of our intent.

Our Intent

We intend to help the participant bring their strengthening frequencies to the fore in a way that they may not otherwise be able to do, - because their focus is not on themselves. They may well be distracted by negative influences and unable to see the strengthening balancing aspects of their own inner energy resources.

We heighten certain aspects of their energy blueprint thereby placing balancing frequencies in a “high profile”. When these frequencies are heard in the Acoustic Cocoon they’re energy anatomy responds at a level of resonance or entrainment, as it will instinctively “know” that these are beneficial and balancing influences. As active listeners, the participant cannot but reson8 with these better aspects of themselves. Be assured though, if your intent is not focused correctly, you will not be able to re establish or maintain your energy balance.


We hope that you would only engage us in this process on your behalf if you are sincere in your quest for inner balance and wellbeing.
Your Acoustic cocoon contains audible frequencies laid down in a particular sequence, and heard in real time. The frequencies chosen are the outcome of our analysis of your voice sample. This is our connection and gateway through to your energy anatomy. Our intent is to assist you, through its creation, in your quest for inner balance and well being.

We purport to do no more than provide you with this "acoustic cocoon" of euphonic sounds (frequencies) which are most advantageous to your energy state at that time. How you apply yourself and commit to the course requirements, how you engage in the role of active listener, etc is subject to your moment to moment decisions.
This course is not a therapy, it is not a panacea, and it does not offer fixes. We are not going to take responsibility for inner balance and wellbeing away from you. It’s your life, your choice.
Your Acoustic Cocoon does not do the “work” - you do.