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Tesseract8/Reson8 -

Course Timetable and Schedule

What follows is a detailed overview of the timetable and schedule of this personalised Energy Balancing Course.
Though the content of the course is personalised for each individual, the timetable and schedule follows the same format for all clients.

MODULAR.  The first thing to notice about this course is that it is modular. There are 8 modules in all. Each module runs for 8 consecutive weeks.

SEQUENTIAL.  The modules are taken in sequence. For example, a client wishing to take module 3, must have already completed modules 1 and 2.

SELF CONTAINED  Each module is self-contained. A client may take module1 and then pause for a few weeks before taking module 2. In this way, the course may be taken over a time frame which best suites the client and their changing circumstances. However, it is not recommended to take fewer than 4 modules in a 12-month period.

Once a client has made the commitment to take a module, and has made their payment, they receive details on how to submit their voice sample to us, so that the team at Tesseract8 may create an Acoustic Cocoon for them

ACOUSTIC COCOON   When we complete a sequence of appropriate frequencies for a client, this becomes their unique Acoustic Cocoon with which they tune and reson8, during the course. Therefore, an “Acoustic Cocoon” is the name given to the content of this course, for the simple reason that audible frequencies are used exclusively throughout. Each client will undertake to set aside an appropriate time every day to “cocoon” themselves with the set of unique frequencies all pitched within the audible range. (No subliminal frequencies are used). Through the 8 weeks of each module, the client will receive 3 Acoustic Cocoons.

CONTENT  It is through the content of the Acoustic Cocoon that we at Tesseract8 assist each client to restore his or her core energy to balance. As each client is a unique individual, each Acoustic Cocoon is composed for his or her personal energy needs. Therefore, the content of the course is under constant change and modification.


   1st Acoustic Cocoon - Week 1

  1. Register with Tesseract8 by submitting required details.
  2. Make payment and await account registration ID.
  3. You will receive your Username and Password ID via the email address submitted on registration.
  4. You will also receive detailed instructions on how to phone in your 1st Audio Sample. (Duration 40 - 60 second).
  5. Within 48 hours, you will receive an access code for your 1st personalised Acoustic Cocoon.
  6. Go to this site, login using your username and password.and download your 1st Acoustic Cocoon to your MP3 Player.
  7. This download also contains detailed instructions on listening techniques.
  8. Follow these instructions when listening.
  9. You will listen to this 1st Acoustic Cocoon  twice daily for 2 weeks. (Average duration 12 -14 minutes).
  10. On day 14, you will phone in your 2nd Audio Sample.
  11. On receipt of this, the team at Tesseract8 will prepare your 2nd Acoustic Cocoon.

2nd  Acoustic Cocoon - Weeks 2-4

  1. Your 2nd  Audio Sample will be analysed by the team at Tesseract8, who will then prepare your 2nd Acoustic Cocoon.
  2. This 2nd  Acoustic Cocoon supersedes the 1st, - which should be discarded as your energy needs will have changed.
  3. When completed you will receive notification that your 2nd Acoustic Cocoon is ready for download.
  4. On receipt of this email, - download your 2nd  Acoustic Cocoon as you did the 1st, from this site to your MP3 player.
  5. All relevant updated information and instructions will be included in this download.
  6. This 2nd Acoustic Cocoon will be listened to twice daily for a further 2 weeks.
  7. On day 28, you will phone in your 3rd  Audio Sample.
  8. On receipt of this, the team at Tesseract8 will prepare your 3rd  Acoustic Cocoon.

3rd  Acoustic Cocoon - Weeks 4-8

  1. Your 3rd  Audio Sample will be analysed by the team at Tesseract8, and compared to your 2nd.
  2. Any changes noted will inform and direct the preparation of your 3rd Acoustic Cocoon.
  3. This 3rd  Acoustic Cocoon supersedes the 2nd  and 1st, - which should be discarded.
  4. When it is completed, you will receive notification, as before, that it is ready for download.
  5. On receipt of this email, follow instructions for the download of your 3rd  Acoustic Cocoon.
  6. All relevant updated information and instructions will be included in this download.
  7. This 3rd  Acoustic Cocoon will be listened to once daily for a further 4 weeks. 

Week 8

Towards the end of Module 1, (week 8), you will decide if you are ready and able to proceed to the 2nd module in this energy balancing course. If you are, then contact us at Teseract 8 and we will prepare the content of your 4th Acoustic Cocoon.  Clients will not need to register anew for each module, but will be required to complete online payment before each module commences. 

The team at Tesseract8 is fully committed to each client on a one-to-one basis, constantly monitoring his or her energy profile, changing and modifying the course content accordingly. This course is run via the web, and all communication between the team and our course participants, - our clients, - is conducted via this site.

This completes the schedule for one module. In fact, this time frame and schedule applies to all modules.
Please explore this site for further detail on all of the above.

The Team at Tesseract8