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Signup for a Course Module

To purchase an 8 week course module - (3 Acoustic Cocoons), click on the button below to be brought to Paypal's secure ordering server. 

Once you have completed your payment you will receive an e-receipt to your supplied email address.

Once we have been notified by Paypal we will prepare your information pack and create your account.

The information pack will contain details on how to submit your voice sample so that we can create your  Acoustic Cocoon.

It will also contain support details should you need any additional help.

For an overview of the course module "timetable" and "what to do" click here

A full (8 weeks) module costs €250.

During this module you will submit your voice sample 3 times and receive 3 Acoustic Cocoons downloadable from this site.


VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you provide a valid email address when you are paying. This is our way to contact you. If you do not provide a valid address you will need to contact us again with your order number for us to process your account.