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Cora Whittle

Cora_Whittle.jpgCora was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. In 1977 she received her Bachelor of Education Degree (Physical Education and Music) from the National University of Ireland. N.U.I.

From 1977–1997, she taught in the Secondary School system in Dublin. During this time she developed her lifelong love of photography and music. To date, she has exhibited her photographic work in various Irish venues - Co. Wexford (Garter Lane Gallery), Co. Kerry, (Listowel Writer’s Week) and Dublin.
In addition to teaching Physical education and Music, Cora established “Arock Studios” for the purpose of re-introducing adults to the joys of music, - its composition and performance. Through this work she is credited with enabling many adults enjoy music in a practical experiential way denied them in their youth.

 In 1992 Cora co-founded (with C. A. Bludworth) the B'Institut of Life Sciences, for the purpose of advancing through research and teaching, the following areas:
            Advanced Cranial Correction
            Personalized Frequency Balancing Course
            Body Balance Therapy Program
            PersonAlysis Program

In 2002 she qualified as a member of the International Union of Medical and applied Bioelectrography (I.U.M.B.A.R.) St. Petersburg, Russia, in BEO-GDV Analysis.
In 2006 The B’Institut merged with Tesseract8 Ltd. All activities and areas of research undertaken by the B'Institut of Life Sciences continue and grow within this Company.
Cora travels extensively throughout Europe and the U.S.A. presenting at seminars the findings of ongoing research at Tesseract8 Ltd.
2011, -  Cora is currently living and working in Galway, Ireland, where she leads research and development of the core technologies at Tesseract8 Ltd.