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About Us



This web site is the conduit through which Dr. Bludworth and the team at Tesseract8 communicate their Frequency Balancing Program. Through this forum you may participate in a unique "core frequency energy balancing" Program.  Everything is available viia this site.  Participants never have to leave their home.  Dr. Bludworth and  the team at Tesseract8 focus their extensive experience and considerable resources on each individuals personal energy needs, - and streamline the program accordingly.  

The principle mode for communicating this course content to you, the participant,  is called an “Acoustic Cocoon”. Elsewhere on this site you will read details as to what an Acoustic Cocoon consists of and how you can access one should you wish to avail of this course. The course has evolved over many years and is now accessible on line via:    and


In 1992 Dr. Bludworth and Cora Whittle co-founded The B’Institut of Life Sciences for the purpose of advancing, through research and teaching, the following areas:


            Advanced Cranial Correction

            Tesseract8 Frequency Course (Acoustic Cocoon)

            Body Balance Therapy Program

            PersonAlysis Program



In 2006 The B’Institut was merged with Tesseract8 Ltd. All activities and areas of research undertaken by The B’ Institut continue and grow within this Company.